As part of our strategy on providing transparency on the green design of our products, adoption of environmentally friendly materials and clean production processes, we expanded the list of Cosmos certified active ingredients.


Here the list of the newly certified actives:

  • Vitis Vita. A natural and sustainable cosmetic active ingredient obtained from grape pomace generated during Aglianico wine processing. The active reduces wrinkles volume and depth while restoring skin barrier and improving skin moisture.
  • Microalga Vita SP. A fermented Spirulina extract that restores the osmotic balance keeping the skin moisturised.
  • Vita Cynergy. Up-cycled active ingredient obtained from artichoke cultivation by products. This active ingredient promotes vascular flow by improving nutrient exchange and longevity in endothelial cells.
  • Vita Hempire. From Cannabis sativa stem cells we developed an active ingredient that acts at the root of skin neurogenic inflammation relieving skin from irritation symptoms and reinforcing skin barrier.