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Vita Adren-Align

Skin as the physical mirror of stress

Our skin is not only our protective barrier to the environment, but also a physical mirror of our internal health.

Plenty of scientific studies proved that the mind and the skin are intimately intertwined and that stress or anxiety can have a significant impact on our skin *.

The Mind-Skin Connection

Skin and brain originate from the same embryonic origin, and over or chronic exposure to stress messengers can manifest as:


  • Impairment of the skin barrier function
  • Depletion of epidermal lipids
  • Inflamm’ageing and dark spot appearance
  • Reduction of dermal matrix deposition of collagen deposition

Fight stress overload to recover the skin vitality

Vita Adren-Align is the latest skin burnout suppressor, able to recharge youthfulness and well-being of the skin. 

Obtained from Mediterranean fig stem cells, Vita Adren-Align is rich in stress-related molecules able to act synergistically against the deleterious consequences of brain-skin stress connection.

The study and the findings from our researchers were published on the journal “Antioxidants”.


 Vita Adren-Align:


  • Reduces adrenaline flushes effects.
  • Modulates the inflammatory cascade.
  • Increases the cellular reservoir of ceramides.
  • Prevents the formation of carbonylated proteins.
  • Attenuates pigments deposition linked to age spots.

Clinically tested in emotionally stressed volunteers

Tested in vivo Vita Adren-Align reduces sebum production, improves skin lightness, and recovers skin barrier integrity in volunteers subjected to stress.

Click here to read the scientific article on our active ingredient.

* Chen Y, Lyga J. Brain-skin connection: stress, inflammation and skin aging. Inflamm Allergy Drug Targets. 13(3) [2014] Jun 177-90.