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Plants function as the green lungs of our planet, we need to preserve their biodiversity and excessive exploitation.
Green biotech techniques leverage the untapped power of plants, through plant stem cells cultures, a versatile and powerful system to innovative natural and reliable solutions for skin and hair care issues.

As an evolution of natural and clean, green-biotech based products like plant stem cells can claim: No biosphere destruction, no over exploitation of land, no use of pesticides, no need for transportation.


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Plant tissue cultures as sources of ingredients for skin care applications – Abstract

Authors: F. Apone and M. G. Colucci – Arterra Bioscience spa & Vitalab srl, Naples, Italy.
A. Tito, S. Arciello and G. Carotenuto – Arterra Bioscience spa, Naples, Italy.

In order to support their sessile lifestyle, plants evolved sophisticated defence mechanisms that result in the synthesis of a vast spectrum of chemical compounds. Plants have been the main source of natural ingredients for human use since ancient times and nowadays, with the development of plant tissue culture techniques, remarkable progresses towards the production of bioactive compounds on an industrial scale have been achieved, as these cultures represent standardized, contaminant‐free, and bio‐sustainable systems.

In cosmetics, particularly as skin care applications, these cultures represent a valuable and promising source of active ingredients with a wide range of biological activities. The aim of the present article is to focus on the successful research accomplishments in the development of plant tissue cultures‐derived active ingredients for cosmetic applications.


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