Aubergine Mutes TRPV1 and Boosts TRPV-3 and -4 to Reinforce and Comfort Skin.

September 25, 2019.
Authors: M. Bimonte, A. Carola and A. Barbulova, Arterra Bioscience srl, Naples;
C. Zappelli and M. Angelillo, Vitalab srl, Naples;
M. Cucchiara, Intercos SpA, Agrate Brianza, Milan;
F. Apone and G. Colucci, Vitalab srl and Arterra Bioscience srl, Naples, Italy.

Vita EthoSense is an active ingredient derived from aubergine stem cells which fights sensitive skin conditions specifically by acting on TRPV channels. As shown, the active ingredient was identified as capable of inhibiting the expression of the negative regulator TRPV1 while enhancing those of the positive regulators TRPV3 and TRPV4. These in vitro results were supported by clinical tests in human volunteers which indicated the extract alleviated cutaneous hyperactivity as shown by stinging test, and improved the skin barrier function by reducing water loss, as shown by TEWL measure.
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