VitaLight is a natural water soluble extract, obtained from Cirsium eriophorum stem cells. The active globally acts on the 4 main skin mechanisms behind excessive pore dilation in order to tighten them up and to reach a brighter and even complexion.

In Vivo studies 

Panel of 20 volunteers, aged from 20 to 40, with oily skin and enlarged pores, applied a cream containing 0.5 % VitaLight or the corresponding placebo twice daily for 28 days to their faces. Evaluation after 14 days and after 28 days.

After 2 weeks of product application, all signs of oily skin are significantly reduced and sebum production is balanced.

  • Number of pores: – 44%*
  • Sebum production: – 35%*
  • Skin moisture: + 20%*
  • Skin barrier improve: + 20.34%*