The green design of products, adoption of environmentally friendly sources, and cleaner production processes are the main goals in our sustainable approach for the production of innovative and high quality active ingredients.

Only RSPO certified material enter our production processes. As part of the Intercos family we are members of the Supply chain associate for ROUNDTABLE for SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL.

Plant tissue culture is an extremely sustainable technology: no agricultural land is ever exploited, no use of pesticide nor fertilizers to grow the source material, less water consumption and little waste disposed in the process. Our tissue cultures vary from stem cells, somatic embryos and hairy roots. By growing this sources in vitro we are able to preserve the biodiversity as no plant is picked from the wild and less plant material is needed for the production of active ingredients.

The reuse of food-by products for the production of active ingredients is another key aspect in our sustainable approach. We have always believed in the intrinsic potential of food-by products for creating safe and effective active ingredients. This actives are based on the recovery of precious metabolites from high added-value Italian products from Eco-Certified farms, we have a direct contact with the farmers and we are able to provide the full traceability of the food-by products.

We think green throughout all the production process of our active ingredients ending to the final product. We are aware of the how plastic is negatively impacting our planet and thats why we provide our actives 200 times concentrated: we drastically reduce the use of plastic in the packaging of the final product with low impact for the environment and in the formula!