• Feb 2018

    Our scientific director Fabio Apone will talk about the cosmetic applications of peptides and sugars derived from plant somatic embryos at the International Conference on Skin Challenges 2018, 25-27 Feb - Porto, Portugal. Click here to download the program. 
  • Feb 2018

    We released the in vivo test results for the following actives: Vita iLux, Vita Cynergy and Vita Seneblock. If you want to check the results contact us! 
  • Jan 2018

    Take a look to C&T latest issue and read the article on our active Daphne Vita Sense by clicking here! If you click here you can also listen to the related exclusive podcast.

  • Nov 2017

    Read the new article on our active Hibiskin Vita by clicking here!
  • Oct 2017

    We recieved the cosmos approval certification for two of our active ingredients: Byonimph Peptide and Mythos Vita!
  • Sept 2017

    Click here to read our new article: Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) industrial wastes as a valued bioresource for the production of active ingredients.
Green Biotechnology for Sustainable Production
of Cosmetic Active Ingredients

The R&D team of VitaLab explores the most recent research in cell
and molecular biology to discover and develop innovative cosmetic active ingredients.

Efficacy, Safety and Sustainability are the major concerns
while developing VitaLab products.