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We can assay active ingredient efficacy using any of the cellular and molecular tests listed below

• Cytotoxicity/Cell Vitality

• Antioxidant power assessment 

• Heavy metals protection and anti-pollution

• UV protection; Infrared (IR) protection; Blue light (BL) protection 

• DNA repair and longevity

• Extra-cellular matrix synthesis and protection  

• Extra-cellular matrix assembly and organization

• Dermal-epidermal junction

• Hydration capacity 

• Anti-inflammation

• Anti-itching 

• Mitochondria:  protection and metabolism

• Wound Healing 

• Replumping/Anti-fat activity

• Detoxifying activity

• Anti-bacterial 

• Anti-acne

• Exfoliation 

• Pigmentation

• Vascular ageing and dark circles activity

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